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This is Just Impact, a newsletter with commentary and news summaries on criminal justice reform and philanthropy. I share analysis based on my 18 years of reading, thinking, learning, and taking action to end mass incarceration, and 6+ years in philanthropy. I founded and run Just Impact Advisors, www.justimpactadvisors.org, where I provide advice and support to donors interested in ending mass incarceration.

This substack grows out of a memo series I began writing in March of 2020 as COVID began ripping through jails and prisons. Over time, the project has evolved to include strategy analysis on ending mass incarceration, reflections on philanthropy, and news+updates from the field. I hope folks find it useful!

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Cutting edge criminal justice commentary and insights on philanthropy, with a U.S. focus, from the President of Just Impact Advisors


Helping donors give money to end mass incarceration with Just Impact Advisors (https://justimpactadvisors.org/). Previously at Open Philanthropy.